Striking that note

There are different kinds of instruments that are being used in today's music. Percussion instruments are categorised as belonging to the simplest and most primitive musical instruments. 

The easiest definition of a percussion instrument is something that produces a sound when being struck. 

A steel orchestra is made up of many percussion instruments. 

To produce a sound all you have to do is to strike a note with one of your sticks. As you strike the note, move the stick away from the note very quickly. In doing so 'there's nothing that can go wrong?'

  • If you leave the stick on the note for too long it will produce a dull, muffled sound
  • If you do not strike the correct part of the note, the quality of sound may not be produced

As a beginner or when you are learning to play a new tune it may seem quite easy, but there are a few things you will need to think about as you become familiar with the tune:

    • learning how hard to strike each note
    • where exactly to strike each note
    • how to hold your sticks
    • the tone you want to produce

No doubt, the only thing on your mind will be to actually play the tune. As you continue to make a steady progress you will pay less attention to the tune and concentrate on steelpan playing techniques.