Liming is a term that is widely used in Trinidad and Tobago. It means to ‘chill out’ or 'relax socially' with friends or like-minded people.

The concept of liming encompasses the sharing of food and drink, and exchanging jokes and anecdotes. 

Liming is also a part of steelpan culture. It is an opportunity for pannists and their friends to get to know each other in an informal setting. Some lime at panyards after practice, while others lime at home, a park or local community centre.

Many other Caribbean islands and people of Caribbean descent are now using this term as part of their culture.

The following pannists are currently liming at My Panyard. Click on one of the links if you would like to lime and get to know them.  

Bass - Natalie

Double Seconds - Kim

Guitar - Alice

Guitar - Denyse

Tenor - Amanda

Tenor - Derron

Tenor - Francis

Tenor - John

Tenor - Robert

Tenor - Tina

Tenor Bass - Rachel