Once a pan is made, its surface is either painted or chrome plated. 



Paint Finished Pans

These pans may be seen as entry level pans as they are cheaper than the chrome pans. 

After the pan is made, the body and face are painted before the final tuning process. 

You can have your pan painted any colour you like.  Once you have purchased your pan you can stencil your own pattern, motif or band name on the skirt of the pan. Care must be taken as the paint can easily chip off leaving the pan looking less presentable.

Some pans are powder coated to give a more resilient finish. 


 Chromium Finished Pans

These pans last longer than the painted pans and are also more expensiveAfter tuning they are dipped in a vat, resulting in a complete chrome finish, before the final tuning. Chrome plated pans also have a richer tone than painted pans.  

These pans are bought by every level of player as they are made to a standard finish. Metal or silver polish can be used to clean the surface of the pans.