Band Names


Many of the tamboo bamboo and early steelbands were named after their community or the street where the band was based.

  • For example, the Laventille Tamboo Bamboo Band.

After the Second World War many of the bands changed their names.  These names were often attributed to popular films or musicals of the day.

  • For example, the Invaders were named after a film entitled “Night Invaders”.

With the transition from tamboo bamboo to steelband almost at a close and the growth in membership of the steelbands ever increasing, many of the steelbands renamed themselves “Steel Orchestras”.

  • For example, Invaders Steel Orchestra.

Large companies began to sponsor steelbands and the steelbands proudly displayed the name of their sponsor as a prefix of the steelband’s name.

  • For example, Caribbean Airlines Invaders Steel Orchestra.

As steelbands became more established, many changed their names for a variety of reasons. Here is a list of some of the steelbands in the UK that have changed their steelband's name.
  • Boscoe Steelband was Gay Carnival Steelband
  • Croydon Steel Orchestra was Croydon Schools Steel Orchestra
  • Harrow School's Steel Orchestra was Whitmore High School Steelband
  • Mancunian Steelband was Manchester Youth Steel Orchestra
  • Melodians Steelband was Groovers Steel Orchestra
  • Metronomes was Adventurers Steelband
  • Nostalgia Steelband was Twelfth Century Steelband
  • Pantabulous steelband was Lancaster Community Steelband
  • Phase One Steel Band was Broad Heath School Steel Band
  • Stainless Steel was Steel Dreams
  • SC Music Senior Pan Ensemble was CEB Pan Ensemble
  • Southside Harmonics steel Orchestra was Lambeth Community Youth Steel Orchestra
  • Steel Attitude was Hummersknott School Steelband
  • Steel Dreams was Steel Attitude
  • Sun Sean and Sand Steel Band was Esso Steel Band
  • The Newham Steel Orchestra was Forest Gate Steelband
  • The Royal Caribbean Steelband was The All-Steel Caribbean Band
  • The Caribbees Steelband was Alexandra Road School Steelband 

Band names also changed when members of the established steelbands left to form steelbands of their own. Here are some of the names of steelbands that were formed and the names of their predecessors.
  • Band One Steel Band from Mancunian Steelband
  • Cambridge University Steel Pan Society from Mangrove Steelband
  • Caribbean Serenaders from Star Quality Steelband
  • Community Steel International (CSI) from Ebony Steel Orchestra
  • East Steel from Foxwood Bandits
  • Harlow Steel from Ebony Steel Orchestra
  • Holly's School of Steelpan from North Tyneside Steelband
  • London All Stars from Royalty's
  • Monsoon Steelband from North Tyneside Steelband
  • Panfire Steelband from Pantonic All Stars
  • Silver Doves from Foxwood Bandits
  • Silver Sparrows from Foxwood Bandits
  • Stardust from Ebony
  • Star Quality Steelband from Regal Star Steelband
  • Steel Tempo from Caribbees Steelband
  • Twelfth Century Steelband from Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra
  • Walthew House Steelband from Sunshine Steel
  • Women of Steel from Mangrove Steelband
  • RASPO from Mangrove Steelband
  • Sussex Steel from The Littlehampton Academy