Genesis Pan Family


The G-pan is a new family of oversize steelpan instruments consisting of four pans:

  • The Lead pan (soprano)

  • The Double pan (seconds)

  • The Mid-range four pan (mids)

  • The Bass pan


This family of pans was developed at the University of the West Indies by Professor Brian Copeland and unveiled on 14 July 2007.

Although this range of pans is not as extensive as in the tradition pan family, the G-pans cover the same note range. This is because the diameter of the pans is 30 inches and therefore each pan contains more notes than its predecessor's.

Their note configuration follows on from the fourth and fifths arrangement except for the seconds; use the whole tone arrangement.

The soprano, seconds and mids each have three octaves, whereas the bass have two and a half octaves.

They are made from sheets of steel as opposed to oil drums and have superior sound quality.


In May 2010 the patent application for the G-pan Musical Instrument was approved in the United States.

In 2011 the G-pan was introduced into Panorama by Phase II and Skiffle Bunch in their respective competitons. 

In an attempt to standadise steelpans, the G-Pan is now being used by more and more steelbands at Panorama. It is hoped that in the future one set of G-Pans can be used on stage by all competing steelbands. However, as many steelbands have distinctive tones, as a result of tuning, it is unlikely this goal will be achieved.