Steel Pan Fusion

'Steel Pan Fusion' is a monthly social event also known as Steel Pan in Motion which is held in the UK to promote steelpan outside of carnival and panorama.

Its ethos is partly based on Pan Ramajay:
  • An event with a theme that is not related to carnival or panorama
  • An event that can be held throughout the year
  • The event would allow an ensemble to show their talent in the art of improvisation coupled with the virtuoso performance of the pannists
  • The pannists are backed by a house band

The event was first held in May 2014 at Charlie Wrights International Bar, London and has been held there ever since.

Between seven and ten musicians perform up to ten pieces in an informal setting.

Each month the pannists explore either a different genre, decade, or a composer of steelpan music. In its first year featured nights have included 

Steel Pan Fusion brings together steelpan soloists to perform in a ‘non-traditional’ steelpan setting, hence its tag line ‘Not just for Carnival’.

In 2015, the event moved to the Hootananny Brixton, London.