Le Cateau

Le Cateau is a mainstream primary school located in Catterick Garrison (the largest British Army garrison in the world), North Yorkshire.

Approximately two thirds of the children at Le Cateau come from Service families who are mainly British, Nepali, Filipino, Thai and the remainder from the wider local community.

The school steelband was formed in 2005 and is called Le Cateau Steel Band.

It was formed as part of the extracurricular school club activities to enrich the musical experiences of the children, the community and to support the school’s motto: ‘Equally Important, Equally Different’.

The children in the steelband are from Year 4 to Year 6 and practice every Friday from 3.30pm to 4.15pm. They are taught by Mrs Baggaley (ICT Leader) and Mrs Tate (Assistant Headteacher). Some of the tunes they have learned in 2015 are Water Come a Me Eye, In the Jungle and Patta Patta.

The children performed at the previous Headteacher’s retirement party and they are now working towards the school’s summer concert.

Mrs Baggaley and Mrs Tate have their work cut out in maintaining a performance steelband because there is a high turnover of players, as many of the families get posted abroad or to other parts of the UK. However, this has not deterred them from encouraging the children to enjoy their music playing and learning to work as part of a team by playing steelpans.

What the pupils say?

“It’s fun. I like learning tunes on different pans”.

Information supplied to My Panyard by Le Cateau Primary School