Homerton College is an education establishment within the University of Cambridge. It is located in the centre of Cambridge, south east of England.

The college steelband has been in operation since 2005 and is called Pandemonium.

The aims of the steelband are:

  • to provide steelpans to educate people about music
  • to introduce people
  • to a new culture to have fun

Pandemonium was formed after one of the music teachers in Homerton visited the Caribbean and spent several years learning about steelpans. When she came back she set up Pandemonium to allow the students to learn the music and skills she had developed from her time in the Caribbean.

The band practices once a week for just over an hour. Members of the committee of Pandemonium and the more experienced players pass down their knowledge to the other band members.

The steelband performs at many events, especially charity events (e.g. Haiti Earthquake fundraising dinner) and ‘May Balls’ (a popular end of year prom in Cambridge University. Pandemonium also provides workshop tuition for school groups, teachers and youth groups (most recently involved in Reception to Year 2 and Brownie groups).

Pandemonium is solely run by the students of Cambridge University and receives no funds or financial support. The members give their time voluntarily and do lots of work in the local community, raising awareness of music and different cultures. At the moment the steelband is trying to raise funds to replace the set of pans that are currently being used and are now over twenty years old!

What the members say?

“Very enjoyable and easy to learn”

“I enjoy reaching out to the children in the local community and giving the opportunity to learn a new instrument and experience a different culture.”

“A chance to perform as a group and you make lots of friends, and have fun while performing music!”

Information supplied to My Panyard by Homerton College