• Steelband began to use pan racks or canopies
  • Hurricane Force (Reading) was formed
  • Irwin Clement Steelband (London) was formed


  • Daphne Oram electronically manipulated the steelpan sound
  • Shell Oil Company became the first corporate company to sponsor a steelband: Invaders, Trinidad 
  • Harold Phillips formed the Rhythm Calypso Boys, a combination of steelpans and electric guitars
  • Esso Steel Band (Leeds) was formed


  • The first steelband performance at Queen's Royal College, Trinidad
  • Cherry Pickers (Manchester) was formed


  • Tenor bass was introduced
  • Trinidad and Tobago gained Independence from Britain
  • The Paradise Steelband (Leeds) was formed


  • Double Tenor was introduced
  • The first official Bomb Competition, Trinidad
  • The first Panorama Competition, Trinidad
  • The first Trinidad Anniversary Independence Steelband Festival


  • The first Steelband Music Festival, Trinidad
  • The first Solo Ping Pong Competition, Trinidad
  • Trinidad's National Steelband was formed
  • Sterling Betancourt formed Nostalgia steelband, 'pan around the neck' (UK)
  • The Invaders Combo (London) was formed


  • Trinidad's National Steelband performed at the first Commonwealth Arts Festival in London
  • The All Caribbean Steelband, from Liverpool, performed on ITVs talent show Opportunity Knocks
  • The United Caribbean Association's steelband (Leeds) was formed 


  • TTSBA was re-named the National Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NATTS)
  • Carnival began in Notting Hill


  • Carnival began in Bristol and Leeds
  • The Hollies used the steelpan in their record 'Carrie Ann'
  • The first steelband competition in Leeds was held



  • Strumming changed from four beats to the bar to three
  • Teaching steelpan began in UK schools
  • Ebony Steelband (London) was formed
  • Islington Green School (London) was formed
  • Notting Hill Carnival moved from September to August