• Pan Podium, the official magazine of the British Association of Steelbands was launched
  • Lennox Sharpe became the first arranger to win the World Steelband Music Festival with his own classical composition
  • Ebony Steelband Trust competed at the World Steelband Music Festival
  • Steelbands North Project began
  • Arrangers were restricted to working with only one steelband in the Panorama competition, Trinidad
  • Steelbands North (North East) was formed
  • Croydon Steel Orchestra (London) was formed
  • Lacey Green Primary Academy (Wilmslow) was formed


  • Sterling Bentancourt was awarded an M.B.E.
  • Pan Podium's website was launched
  • Steel Quake (Northumberland) was formed
  • University of Aberdeen Steel Pans (Scotland) was formed
  • Westminster City School (London) was formed
  • Hummersknott School Steelband (Darlington) was formed


  • North Stars Steel Orchestra became the first non-London based steelband to win the UK's Champions of Steel Competition.
  • The first BAS annual Steelband Jamboree in Trafalgar Square was held
  • Nafferton Primary School Steelband (Yorkshire) was formed
  • Steelworks Steelband (Middlesbrough) was formed
    Al Fresco Steel (London) was formed
  • Mango Steelband (Norfolk) was formed 


  • Caribbean Cool Steelband (Birmingham) was formed
  • Harlow Steelband (Essex) was formed
  • Birmingham School of Pan (Birmingham) was formed


  • Sterling Betancourt retired from Nostalgia 'pan around the neck' steelband
  • Small and medium steelband catergories were introduced to Panorama, Trinidad
  • Mangrove became the second steelband to win Panorama for three successive years
  • Caribbean Steelband International (London) was formed
    Harlow Steelband (Essex) was formed


  • TASPO was awarded the Trinidad & Tobago Hummingbird Medal (Gold)
  • Carnival began in Northampton
  • Ebony Steelband Trust was awarded the Queen's Award
  • The first Kirkless Steelband Festival was held
  • Ipswich Youth Steel Band (Ipswich) was formed
  • Homerton College (Cambridgeshire) was formed
    Pandemic Steelband (Aberdeen) was formed
  • The Littlehampton Academy Steelband (Sussex) was formed


  • The panKAT was unveiled
  • The three surviving members of TASPO were honoured
  • 'This one is for you Bradly' was written in memory of the late Clive Bradley
  • The first UK International Steelband Conference
  • Russell Henderson was awarded an M.B.E.
  • Trinidad and Tobago Instruments Ltd was renamed Panland Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
  • West Hill Steelband (Staffordshire) was formed
  • Steeletto's Steelband (Norwich) was formed
    Bishop David Brown School Steelband (Surrey) was formed
  • The Quaker Steelband (Sutton) was formed


  • G-Pans were unveiled, Trinidad
  • Trinidad's National Steel Symphony Orchestra was formed
  • Panorama was held at Skinners Park, San Fernando, while the Queens Park Savannah was being refurbished
  • The first North Tyneside Festival of Steelbands was held
  • The first Pan Clash soloist competition was held
  • The first Leicestershire Schools Pan Jam was held
  • The first Classorama Steelband Festival (London) was held 
  • Steel Pan Academy (Warwickshire) was formed
  • Steel Ambition (Kent) was formed
  • Creative Unity Steelband (London) was formed
    Pandemic Steel Orchestra (London) was formed
  • Lancaster Community Steel Band (Lancaster) was formed


  • E-Pan was unveiled
  • Panorama was held at Skinners Park, San Fernando, while the Queens Park Savannah was being refurbished
  • Memorial concert in memory of the late Arthur Culpeper
  • The UK Pan Tuners Guild was formed
  • Sawston Steelband (Cambridgeshire) was formed


  • Birmingham Music Service held its first Steel Band Festival
  • Cambridge University Steel Pan Society (Cambridgeshire) was formed
  • Revellers Steelband (Bedfordshire) was formed
  • University of the Third Age Steelband (Nottinghamshire) was formed
  • Walthew House Steelband (Stockport) was formed
  • Endurance Steel Orchestra (Croydon) was formed
  • Cramlington Caribbean Crew Steelband (Northburn) was formed