One of the key drivers for the recognition of the steelpan instrument, and the progression of the steelpan music can be determined by the positive contribution from the calypso singers, known as calypsonians.   

These singers penned their calypso songs (calypsos) about their islands current issues whether it was political, social or philosophical. 

Not only did the calypsos have to be lyrically challenging, they also had to be melodic and written in a way so that the steelpan arranger can build on the original song. 

Panorama is the annual event where steelbands play their arrangement of a chosen calypso.  These arrangements are written by the most talented steelpan arrangers in the world and played by some of the largest steelbands.

Today, many of the calypsos are played as standards by various steelbands. This is because the melodies in these calypsos form the basis for the steelpan player to progress by tackling more challenging steelpan pieces. 

Aldwyn Roberts and Slinger Francisco are examples of legendary calypsonians whose music has undoubtedly influenced the development of  the steelpan instrument.