The Rewards

It is often said that playing a musical instrument can be very rewarding. Playing pan is a testament to this statement as it can take but a few minutes to learn to play a simple tune.

Success in society is partly predicted on success in school. Any music enthusiast can call to mind anecdotes about effectiveness of music study. 

Playing a musical instrument:

            • Gives you confidence
            • Teaches discipline
            • Improves co-ordination skills
            • Relieves stress
            • Helps you to explore your emotions
            • It’s a great way to meet people
            • Allows you to be a part of a group
            • Gives you a sense of pride and achievement
            • Improves you physically

To play a musical instument requires:

            • cognition
            • emotion
            • aesthetics

However, all of these have to be developed, synchronised and integrated so that, as you learn music, you stretch yourself mentally in a variety of ways.