A Basic Steelpan Workshop


To provide a "taster" session for anyone wanting to learn about or play steelpans.     

It should be designed to give fun, a musical experience and pitched to the target audience. 


  • To give a brief history of the steeldrum

  • Steelpan Culture

  • Where pan is today?

  • Playing a simple tune and chords

  • Time for the students to play

Here is a list of the workshop providers that operate throughout the UK (not endorsed by My Panyard)

Birmingham -
Caribbean Regals Steeldrum Workshops
Jamma Steelpan Workshops

Octavius Steelpan Music Direct
Pan Jam Workshops

Hertfordshire -
Day O Drums

Kent -
Steelband Online

Artforms Leeds
West Leeds Steelpan Academy

London -  
Creative Genies
Kinetika Blocco Ltd
Red Panda Agency
School Workshops
Solid Steel Workshops
Steel Pan in Motion
The Steelpan Agency (Trust)

Irie Steelpan Workshops
Seven Stars Agency

North East -
Holly's School of Pan
U Cre8 Community Workshops

North West
Bangdrum Music Services
Global Groves
Accapella steelband Workshops
Reading -
CultureMix Arts
SV2G School of Steelpan

Steel Pan Academy
World Music Workshops