Pan People


The captain ensures everything is organised for the arranger and assists the arranger with the steelband.

Section Leaders
The section leader gives support to the captain by ensuring that all members of their section learn their parts. The sections can be broken down as frontline, middle and background pans or the individual pans (tenor to bass).  

The arranger is the person who has to take a verse and a chorus for a calypso (lasting approximately 1 minute) and turn it into a ten minute piece without losing the essence of the song.

Someone who plays a steelpan. A pannist is also known as a panman, panwoman or pan-beater.

The tuner is the person who brings the notes on the pan to concert pitch and ensures that the pans sound in harmony with each other.

Iron Man
The iron man is a member of the steelband's engine room. He provides a steady rhythm for the steelband in order to enhance the overall sound.