Music is a celebration of our cultural heritage. It allows us to explore our thoughts and feelings, which often result in learning new things.  


Anyone or anything involved in steelpans plays a part in its culture. 

If you make pans, play in a band or arrange for a band, you play a part. However, there are many other people to be considered, such as the people who support the bands by transporting the instruments, organisers of events, supporters and their families, schools, teachers, music shops, the radio and of course the internet. 

Many of the traditions from its birthplace have been circulated throughout the world by the early pioneers.    

To many, steelpan has become a way of life and so provides economic wealth. To others who regularly practice or attend annual events, it provides them with the opportunity for a ritual-like gathering.  

One of the greatest sources of information on steelpan culture is within the lyrics of the calypso songs.  These songs provide social comment on stories of the day and of the past.