What is Pan?

Steelpan (pan) has been a source of inspiration for children and adults for many years. With its introduction into the education system, its recognition has been rubber stamped time and time again. The knowledge gained from players is phenomenal.  From musical education to social interaction, at all levels much is gained.

The steelpan instruments are made from oil drums. The majority of drums have already served their purpose as containers for various materials or fluids.  A steelpan tuner sources drums based on their condition and then sets about the task of making the instruments. This process can take up to one month from start to finish.

Pan making is a strenuous task, but there is a lot of talented skills involved in making the steelpans. The finished instrument is usually chrome plated and tuned to concert pitch.

Whenever anyone joins a new group it is quite natural for that person to feel nervous. My Panyard is a virtual platform and therefore you can gain the knowledge you want, at the pace you want, without worrying about being a part of any established group.

Today, we celebrate one of the only musical inventions of the 20th century, which is now an integral part of many lives throughout the world.

Interest in the steelpan is increasing day by day.  More and more people are using pan for entertainment and evermore as an educational resource.                                                                                                                                        
The skills involved in playing pan has developed over many years and now pan players perform as soloists, in steelbands and steel orchestras. Their repertoire is unquestionably varied and this has helped pan to gain universal status.

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