Clive Bradley


Clive “Maestro” Bradley is arguably "thee" steelpan arranger of his time.

Panorama 2006 was won by arranger Lennox Sharpe, with his composition, This One’s 4 U Bradley.  His tribute was:

 "Bradley is the greatest steelband arranger that ever passed through in our time - he was a boss."

It was Clive Bradley in 2003, who arranged Music in We blood, a Lennox Sharpe composition, for Panorama.

 Clive Bradley was born 4 November 1936, Diego Martin, Trinidad. 

After leaving school he progressed to become a teacher of Mathematics at Fatima College and later at the University of the West Indies.

It was not until 1968; he began to arrange for Desperadoes and two years later won Panorama. His partnership with the Desperadoes was virtually unbeatable wining Panorama six times over four decades and also being placed second and third on numerous occasions. This feat was achieved even though he had left Desperadoes between 1985 and 1999.

His time arranging was spent between New York and Trinidad, preparing for Labour Day Carnival and Trinidad Carnival respectively. A mark of his international stature came in 1999 when he arranged the same Panorama song for one steelband in New York and one in Trinidad, only to win both competitions.


Clive Bradley passed away 26 November 2005.