Anthony Williams DLitt

Anthony “Tony” Williams or "Muff" was born 24 June 1931, 10 Nepal Street, St James, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

He began to play pan in the 1940s, firstly with Nob Hill and then Sun Valley.

His quest to find ways of developing the steelpan sound was renowned. It was not long before he came upon the idea that revolutionised the format for positioning notes on a pan.

This began when he introduced the fourths and fifths tenor pan. This pan was also known as the cycle of fifths or the Spider Web pan and considered to be an international standard for the tenor.

He is also credited for:

  • Introducing wooden stands to suspend the pans instead of resting them on the players knees.

  • Introducing the double strumming pan to replace the single strumming pan

  • Putting wheels on the bottom of the bass pans.

  • Becoming the first arranger to win the Panorama competition in 1963 and again in 1964.

  • Obtaining sponsorship  


In 2008, Anthony Williams received the Order of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2016, he received an honorary doctorate, Doctor of Letters (DLitt), from the University of the West Indies.

Sadly, Anthony passed away 21 December 2021.