The Steelband Association of Great Britain (SAGB) was the first charity set up to promote steelpans in England.


Its constitution was first adopted on 14 November 1976. 

Its objective was to advance the public knowledge in and appreciation of the art of steelband music. 

      • The charity correspondent was Mrs F E Morris (Liz Morris)
      • The chairman was Charles Mungo (14 November 1976 to 18 April 1982) and then John McKenzie F.R.S.A. (Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts)
      • The general secretary was Terry Noel (to 1986) and then Greta Trevers
      • The treasurer was Clinton Thomas
      • The magazine editior was Greta Trevers


The Regional Branches of the SAGB were: 

      • Birmingham and the West Midlands
      • London and the South East
      • Manchester and the North West (still operating as the North West Steel Band Association - NWSBA)
      • Nottingham and the East Midlands

The Patrons were:

The charity ceased to operate on 2 August 1995.

Today, there are many steelbands throughout the United Kingdom that operate as a charity or community project. Their work is invaluable in the pursuit of promoting steelpans and provides the opportunity for children to network and become a part of the wider steelpan community.