Panorama Steelbands

A panorama steelband is the largest type of steelband with more than 100 members. However the core unit of this steelband may be as little as 20 members. This core unit (pan people) will consist of the arranger(s), captain, sections leaders, tuner(s) and the management team. 

The main categories (steelbands) are large, medium, small and single pan steelbands.

Much of the excitement and controversy is to be found with the large steelbands. With more than 100 players in the band, the final selection process for the best 100 players is not decided until the performances begin. 

The winners of the large steelbands are predominantly from the north of Trinidad. Many of them have been in existence since the late 1960s and have a global following.

The medium and small band category opens up Panorama for the steelbands with smaller membership. Some of these bands are new to Panorama or are from smaller communities.