A sponsor is any individual or group that provides the support to or for an event, activity, person, or organization either financially or through the provision of products and/or services. The individual or group who provides sponsorship usually benefits by brand recognition.

For example, during the 1980s British Airways sponsored the Groovers Steel Orchestra (Terence Noel). Their sponsorship became a springboard for The Groovers as they flew the Orchestra all over the world.

Such was the popularity of this relatively new instrument, both parties gained notoriety as a formidable partnership:

  • There was no other steelband in England benefiting from such sponsorship
  • The Groovers became ambassadors for British Airways
  • British Airways, the sponsor, was equivalent to a corporate sponsor for steelbands in Trinidad
  • The Groovers became known as BA Groovers Steel Orchestra

Today, the majority of steel orchestras and many steelbands have sponsors to support them in their endeavors.


What was the theme song of the 1978 Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Tempo by The Groovers Steel Orchestra.

The Groovers Steel Orchestra performed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from 3 to 12 August 1978.